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2023 12.03 SUN

ENTRY【Registration Period】Until October.31 November.12

DEC 3, 2024
Iwakuni Friendship Relay Marathon
Run and Fun
Don’t miss out this popular event at the 55 FIELD
Run with your friends and family



Name of the event

Iwakuni Friendship Relay Marathon 2023


Sunday, December 3 2023 10:00 am


55FIELD (Atago-cho 2-chome, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi)
(55FIELD special course about 1.4 km / 1 lap)

Purpose of the event

To nurture a spirit of care for family and friends by passing sash(TASUKI) and aiming for the goal together. The participation of both the U.S. and Japan will create opportunities for exchange and strengthen ties between the two countries.


Iwakuni City


IWAKUNI corporate association

Project management

General Incorporated Association ITADAKI

Special Support

Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Iwakuni city sports association, Iwakuni chamber of commerce


JA Yamaguchi
You me town Minami Iwakuni
American Engineering Corporation

iwakuni's character


55FIELD special course (about 1.4 km / 1 lap)


    Teams of any age and gender.
    Japanese and foreign nationals mixed
    Elementary School students
    Elementary school students only.
    Teams composed of work colleagues, business partners, etc.

◎Matching with foreign teams
※You can request to be matched with a foreign team in all Categories.
※If a match is made, your Category will be changed to "International Exchange Category".
※The matching teams and team names are left to the management.
(e.g. If Team 〇〇 and Team △△ make a match, the team name will be "〇〇 and △△ mixed team".)

Time limit

3 hours

Admission Capacity

170 teams (first-come-first-served basis), 5 to 15 members per team


Healthy people of elementary school age and above who can run 1 lap on their own.

  • ※Participants are not allowed to hold or carry anyone in their backs, or to be accompanied by a wheelchair or guide dog.
  • ※Visually impaired and physically challenged persons with companions are welcome to participate.

Entry fee

2,000 yen per person (high school students : 1,500 yen, junior high school students and under : 1,000 yen)


Each Category : 1st to 3rd place, Fancy Dress Award : 1st to 3rd place

※Other awards will be given at random.

Application period

・Iwakuni Citizens Priority Registration
10 a.m. on Friday, September 1st, 2023 - 11:59 p.m. on 30th

・General Registration
12 a.m. on Sunday, October 1st, 2023 - 11:59 p.m. on 31st November 12th


Online registration

  • ※The information required for online registration includes the information of the team representative, the team name, the number of people in the team, and the Category of the team.
  • ※Members who will join the event must be decided before the day of the event.
  • ※After the online registration, the number of members can be added within the application period. Representatives are requested to go to the addition request page to complete the process.

●Things to bring
The following pledges must be submitted on the day of the event.

Written oath

Soichiro Amaya

Guest runner

Soichiro Amaya / baseball commentator (a former Hiroshima Toyo Carp player)

He will run the course with you as a guest runner.
We are looking for teams that want to run with him. Teams wishing to participate should select "Yes" in the entry questionnaire. One team will be selected by lottery from among the teams that wish to run with him.


    Parking area opens
    8:30 - 9:30
    Check-in starts
    Opening ceremony
    Race starts
    Race ends
    Awards ceremony
    Event concludes



1. Rules of the event

  • Each team consists of 5 to 15 members.
  • You can decide your running order and distance by yourselves.
  • You have to pass sash within the relay zone.
  • Sash are prepared by the organizer.
  • Laps and times will be counted by the organizer.
  • Once 3 hours have past and the end time has reached, no new laps will be allowed. Runners in the lap should aim for the finish line. If the number of laps is the same, the order will be determined by time.
  • You are free to wear anything. However, the organizers have the right to prohibit your participation if you obstruct other runners or if you wear costumes that violate social morals.

2. Notification of participation

  • A "Participation Information Email" will be sent to the representatives approximately 7 days prior to the event date.
  • On the day of the event, the representatives must give the bib number and team name at the reception desk during the designated time. We will give you sash and bibs.

3. Terms and Conditions of Application

  • You may not transfer your rights or change your name after application for your own convinience. No refunds will be made in case of cancellation.
  • If the number of applications exceeds the capacity, the application may be invalidated depending on the date of payment, even if the participation fee is paid by the deadline. In that case, we will refund your money after deducting handling fees.
  • In case the event is canceled after the start of entries, the cancellation response will be determined as follows, depending on the date of the decision.
    1. In case a state of emergency, stricter COVID-19 measures, or a request to refrain from holding events have been issued by the entry deadline and are not expected to be lifted.
      →The following amounts will be refunded to representatives by QUO Cards. (1,000 yen for an adult, 800 yen for a high school student, and 500 yen for a junior high school student and under.)
    2. In case the event conditions are not met due to a change of situation after the entry deadline.

    ※The method and details of refunds will be determined by the organizer.

  • The organizer will decide whether or not to reduce the scale or cancel the event due to earthquakes, windstorms, floods, snowfalls, incidents, accidents, epidemics, etc., course changes, the entry fee refunds, and how to notify the participants.
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event due to inclement weather. If the event is canceled, the participation fee will not be refunded.
    The decision to cancel the event will be posted on the official website.
  • Please be in good health, free from heart disease and illnesses, and train yourselves to prevent injuries, illnesses and accidents, etc.
  • The organizer will provide accident insurance for all participants, but please note that coverage is limited to the extent of the insurance. In addition, the organizers will not be responsible for any injuries or illunesses that occur during the event, except for first aid. Please bring your insurance card in case of an accident.
  • The organizers will not be liable for any accidents, illnesses, losses, etc. during the competition.
  • The handling of the personal information of competition applicants will be followed by the organizer's rules as stated on the website.
  • Please consent to the reporting, publication, and use of images, photographs, articles, and records of the competition (including personal information such as name, and age) in newspapers, TV, magazines, the Internet, pamphlets, etc. The right to publish and use such information belongs to the organizer.

4.Privacy Policy

  • The event organizer collects participants' personally identifiable information that is needed to conduct the event.
  • PII collected is used only for the purposes below.
  • To manage the event and provide better service.
  • To notify the participants on other events and plans that will be hosted by the organizer.
  • To reply to questions and comments received from participants or their representatives.
  • The event organizer will manage the collected PII strictly by properly securing it at every possible measure.
  • The event organizer will protect the collected PII from risks such as unauthorized access, destruction, and alteration.
  • The event organizer will not release the collected PII except for the cases below.
  • Permission to release PII is given by the owner of the information himself/herself.
  • Release of PII is required by law enforcement.
  • Release of PII is necessary to protect someone's life, health, or property and gaining permission from the owner of the information is difficult.
  • Please contact the event organizer if you have any questions regarding our privacy/PII policies.

4. Precautions

  • Before the event, participants are responsible for having a checkup and following the doctor's directions. If you are not in good physical condition, please do not participate by force.
  • Please take care of your clothing and luggage. The organizer will not be responsible for any theft or losess.
  • Please consent that the organizer retains all rights of publication and portrait rights to the images, photographs, articles, records, etc. on TV, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, etc. during the competition.
  • The course is not exclusive to the event. Pedestrians and other vehicles may cross the course, so please be careful of pedestrians and vehicles, etc., and try not to cause troubles.
  • Participants should consider the climate and prepare for rain gears and cold insulation.
  • Please keep yourself hydrated and take care of yourself from the day before the event. Alcohol consumption is prohibited during the event.
  • Blue sheets and tents must be set up in certain place.
  • Please take your trash home with you.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the park, but there is a designated smoking area for those who smoke.
  • Parking is limited. Please carpool if possible.
  • Eating in the cheering zone(within the field) is prohibited. However, hydration is allowed.



優勝 岩国男坂 38周 2:58:17
2位 イケイケ★柳井ランニングアカデミー 38周 2:59:59
3位 周防大島中学校うさぎさんA 36周 2:58:56
4位 Teamエネゴリ 36周 2:59:05
5位 中野東陸上倶楽部A 35周 2:59:10
6位 左達組 33周 2:59:09



優勝 柳井ランニングアカデミーA 35周 2:59:26
2位 私立ガル高校KIDS 34周 2:57:27
3位 OZ陸上クラブ Aチーム 33周 2:56:40
4位 柳井ランニングアカデミーB 31周 2:56:33
5位 愛宕山アスレチッククラブB 31周 2:56:39
6位 灘ミニバス 31周 2:58:41



優勝 テッパチ~the real~ 38周 2:59:42
2位 帝人岩国 37周 2:56:13
3位 マルエム★runners 35周 2:58:39
4位 71空 35周 2:59:34
5位 Re:チーム恋チャンズ 34周 2:57:06
6位 吉香家の一族 34周 2:59:43



優勝 VQ81 36周 2:57:54
2位 Semper Fit Aquatics 31周 2:58:28
3位 IWAKUNI base(イワクニ ベース) 28周 2:55:37
4位 Snowballed Unicorns 26周 2:56:33
5位 Will Run For Sushi 24周 2:56:26
6位 Daikon Slope 45 23周 2:56:01




ENTRY【Registration Period】Until October.31 November.12