日米親善リレーマラソン2021 in 岩国~絆スタジアムオープニング記念~

2021.12.5 SUN

ENTRY【Registration Period】Until the end of October

DEC 5, 2021
Japan-US Friendship Relay Marathon
Run and Fun
Don’t miss out this popular event at the 55 FIELD
Run with your friends and family under the COVID-19 Countermeasures



Event Name

Iwakuni Friendship Relay Marathon 2021


Sunday, December 5.2021, 9:30 AM -


Running Course around 55FIELD (1.4km loop)


To provide an opportunity for participants to strengthen relationships with their family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors through fun activities as well as strengthen the bond between the U.S. and Japan.


Iwakuni City


ITADAKI Institute

Special Support

Iwakuni Corporation Association

Supporting Organization

Iwakuni Athletic Association, Iwakuni Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni



Running Course around 55FIELD (1.4km loop)


    no restriction on age/ sex
    Elementary school students
    Elementary school students only
    Japanese and foreign nationals mixed)

Duration of Race

3 hours

Maximum Number of Teams

150 teams (first-come, first-serve); a team can consist of 5-15 runners


Ages 6 and older who can run a lap without parental support.
Participants are not permitted to run carrying a child in their arms, on their backs, or using baby carriers. Jogging Strollers are not permitted.
Runners who are blind or with disabilities are welcome to participate in the race and must have a partner to provide assistance. However, service dogs and wheelchairs are not permitted on the running course.

Entry fee

¥2,000 per person, ¥1,000 for ages 15 and younger

Participation Award

Event original goods


Top two teams in each category
Top three teams in best costumes

Registration Opening

Until October 31, 2021


Sep. 3 (Fri), 2021 – 23:59, Oct.31 (Sun), 2021

Sep.3 – 30: Advance registration for Iwakuni residents Oct.1 – 31: Registration for general.

※ To be determined based on the update on COVID-19

MCASI personnel - please contact(DSN) 253-2779 for more information.

Written oath



優勝 #下松 やきとり屋 【河上】 周回数:53
2位 まーしぃー一味 周回数:52
3位 岩国男坂RC 周回数:51
4位 三井化学 周回数:51
5位 H・T・C 周回数:47
6位 科学研修部ロボット製作A 周回数:45



優勝 SMILE陸上 周回数:40
2位 不撓 周回数:40
3位 柳井ランニングアカデミーJC 周回数:38
4位 通津中学校女子ハンドボール部 周回数:37
5位 チームT 周回数:33
6位 Stroller Warriors Team 1 周回数:32



優勝 チーム宮崎研三 周回数:42
2位 すえーメイソン 周回数:39
3位 ごちゃまぜ会 周回数:38
4位 KNA 周回数:38
5位 チカーリーを探せ! 周回数:36
6位 CSDB team B 周回数:35



優勝 柳井ランニングアカデミーA 周回数:45
2位 柳井ランニングアカデミーB 周回数:42
3位 灘はやぶさA 周回数:41
4位 柳井ランニングアカデミーC 周回数:40
5位 周南JACT 周回数:39
6位 愛宕サッカーU-11 周回数:39



優勝 TEAM パリピポ 周回数:51
2位 中村造園 周回数:51
3位 帝人岩国 周回数:49
4位 2整中 周回数:48
5位 脳みそきんに君 周回数:44
6位 Low Speed High Drag Black 周回数:43



優勝 なまけもの 周回数:43
2位 IWAKUNI base 周回数:41
3位 ROCKERS 周回数:40
4位 Team AWESOME! 周回数:39
5位 第2グループ 周回数:38



    Parking area opens
    8:00 - 9:15
    Check-in starts
    Race starts
    Race ends
    Event concludes



Layout of the course is tentative and subject to change.



  • One team will consist of 5-15 runners.
  • Each runner needs to complete at least one whole lap before exchanging a sash to the next runner.
  • Please use the Tasuki relay in the relay zone.
  • In each category, teams compete for most laps within 3 hours.
  • In the case of multiple teams having the same number of laps, team standing will be based on their race completion time.
  • The event officials will record the time and lap count using the device attached to sash.
  • Team sash must be exchanged between runners within the designated exchange zone.
  • A sash will be provided to each team captain when checking in.
  • The race ends at 12:30 PM. The runner on the course must finish running the lap in order to complete the race.
  • Costumes are welcomed; however, the event officials reserve the right to decline participation if a costume is inappropriate. Costumes must not be offensive or distracting to other participants.
  • Teams with runners less than five due to unforseen circumstances can still participate in the event, but will be eliminated from competition.
  • Teams that are not meeting the category classification due to unforseen circumstances can still participate in the event, but will be eliminated from competition.
  • Running under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited and will disqualify the team.
  • In case the organizer determines that the continuation of the event is not appropriate, please follow their instructions immediately.
  • 2.How to Check In

    • Team captain is requested to check in during the designated check-in time. Please submit the finalized team roster and Hold Harmless Agreement forms from all of the team members. A sash, bibs, and souveniers for his/her team will be given.
    • Runners can be added to your team during the event. Please come to the check-in booth and submit the Hold Harmless Agreement form and pay participation fee to get registered.

    3.Application Policy

    • Team captain must be 18 years old or older. For Kids teams, team captain must be a parent, who will be participating in running.
    • Team captain is required to check in his/her team.
    • Cancellation of the event due to the spread of COCID-19 is decided in accordance with the following guidelines;
      1. A state of emergency and a request of voluntary suspension of event have not been announced by Yamaguchi prefecture or Iwakuni city, or it is apparent that both of them are to be lifted by the event day.
      2. Such announcement has not been made yet on the event day.
      3. All participants must submit a pledge (health check sheet) on the day of the competition, and those with fever or other physical condition cannot participate.
    • In case the event needs to be cancelled after the registration has started, the following protocol shall be employed based on the day the cancellation is decided.
      1. When a state of emergency and a request of voluntary suspension of event have been announced by the last day of registration and there’s no chance for them to be lifted.
        → The following amount of money will be refunded to the representative by QUO card. (\1,000/adult, \500/15 years old and under)
      2. When the conditions to open the event have not been met due to the change of situation that has occurred after the last registration day.
        → The number of goods equivalent to the number of registered participants will be forwarded to the representative. No monetary refund.

      ※How to give a refund and the amount of refund will be at the sole discretion of the sponsor.

    • After registering, runners can be added. Total number of runners cannot exceed 15 per team. Please submit the finalized roster when checking in.
    • The event organizer reserves the right to modify the course or cancel the race at any time due to inclement weather, natural disaster, or accidents, as well as whether or not to give refunds for the modification or cancellation. Any determinations on such matters will be posted on the official event website.
    • Please be mindful of your health conditions and participate in the race at your own responsibility.
    • Please adhere to the application policy, event rules, privacy policy etc. that are established by the event organizer and posted on the official event website.
    • Please ensure that your families and team members read and agree to the event policies and regulations prior to registering.
    • Upon completion of registration, it is considered that you, your families, and team members have agreed to the application policy, event rules, privacy policy etc. that are posted on the official event website.

    4.Privacy Policy

    • The event organizer collects participants' personally identifiable information that is needed to conduct the event.
    • PII collected is used only for the purposes below.
    • To manage the event and provide better service.
    • To notify the participants on other events and plans that will be hosted by the organizer.
    • To reply to questions and comments received from participants or their representatives.
    • The event organizer will manage the collected PII strictly by properly securing it at every possible measure.
    • The event organizer will protect the collected PII from risks such as unauthorized access, destruction, and alteration.
    • The event organizer will not release the collected PII except for the cases below.
    • Permission to release PII is given by the owner of the information himself/herself.
    • Release of PII is required by law enforcement.
    • Release of PII is necessary to protect someone's life, health, or property and gaining permission from the owner of the information is difficult.
    • Please contact the event organizer if you have any questions regarding our privacy/PII policies.


    • The purpose of this event is to strengthen friendship between U.S. and Japan. Political activities of any type or costumes that are against the U.S.-Japan goodwill, specific race, or religion are prohibited.
    • There is no water supply station at this event.
    • During the race, running paths will remain open for public use. Please be mindful of other users.
    • Participants are requested to prepare for possible change in weather.
    • Usage of picnic mats, tarps, tents, etc. is allowed in the designated areas only.
    • If using picnic mats, tarps, tents, etc., please put enough weights so that they will not be blown away by winds.
    • Please take your trash home with you.
    • Smoking at the Atago Sports Complex is prohibited other than the designated smoking areas.
    • Parking space is limited, carpooling is highly recommended.
    • It is recommended to get a medical check prior to the event; patricipate at your own responsibility following your doctor's guidance.
    • In case or injuries or sickness during the event, the event officials will apply first aid following set procedures.
    • In case or injuries or sickness during the event, the event officials will not be held accountable for their ways of applying first aid or progress of injuries or sickness.
    • The organizer will have insurance for all the participants, but please note that the insurance coverage is limited.
    • Participants will be responsible for their personal belongings.
    • The organizer will not be responsible for any accidents, illness, and lost or stolen items.
    • Please follow the event organizer's directions on safety management and event operation.
    • Falsification of information, obstruction of event, disruption to public order, offensive behaviors against community and cultural decency standards are prohibited. If any of these types of behaviors is found, the individual/team will be eliminated from the current and future races.
    • If eliminated from the race because of falsification of information, obstruction of event, disruption to public order, offensive behaviors against community and cultural decency standards; no refunds or compensation will be given.
    • Each participant agrees to have his/her participation in this event videotaped and photographed, and waives and releases all rights to said videotapes and photographs (and personal information that associates with the images such as name, age, gender etc.) to the organizer and its partners for their exclusive use for publicity of this event.
    • If the sash with timing device is not returned at the conclusion of the event or broken by negligence of team members, 4,320 yen will be charged to the team.